The new Robo2Go MAX from DMG Mori

Occupying a footprint of only 12.5 square metres, the new Robo2Go MAX from DMG Mori allows large lathes and turn-mill centres to be easily and flexibly automated.

The robotic system is designed for handling workpieces from 40mm to 400mm in diameter and weighing up to 115 kg, maximum payload including gripper being 210 kg.

The design of the Robo2Go MAX is based on a 6-axis industrial robot housed in a safety enclosure that also contains a workpiece storage module. In the basic version, it can be loaded and unloaded quickly with two Euro pallets via a roller shutter door, either by fork lift truck or by a DMG MORI driverless PH-AGV automated guided vehicle. Alternatively, workpieces may be wheeled in and out on trolleys.

A proven vision system is available to detect the position of raw material and finished parts on the pallets. The system offers space for additional options such as alignment and turnover stations, which means that even the most complex workpieces can be produced autonomously.

A modular gripper offers maximum flexibility in terms of the diversity of components that can be handled. Regardless of the Robo2Go MAX configuration, the control system and tool magazine of the respective turning centre remain freely accessible.

As with the smaller Robo2Go Turning, no robot programming knowledge is required to set up and operate the larger system. For uniform control of Robo2Go variants, DMG MORI has developed its own app that enables the creation of a production process based on predefined program blocks. The app has a multi-job function to allow placement of different components on one pallet or tray, ideal for producing small and medium batch sizes.

The specification of the Robo2Go MAX makes it capable of automating DMG MORI turning centres from the CLX 750 and CTX beta 2000, through the CTX beta 1250/2000 TC and entire CTX gamma TC series, up to some sizes of lathe in the NLX and NTX ranges.