Taylor Hobson releases Form Talysurf i-Series Pro for contour and surface measurement

The Form Talysurf i-Series Pro from Taylor Hobson is designed for fast, accurate contour and surface finish measurement of cylinder heads and blocks, gears, sheet-metal parts, semi-conductors, and many other components. Taylor Hobson supplies the i-Series Pro device with a choice of high-resolution gauges in the 1, 2 and 5 mm ranges. Users can evaluate step heights to ISO standards and measure topography using the company’s Metrology 4.0 software.

Metrology 4.0 software enables dimensioning in accordance with part drawings and provides an exact reflection of the part co-ordinate system (PCS), providing the final link in the manufacturing loop. The software is said to be simple to use with an intuitive interface, virtual display and real-time control. A point and move axis control function (Smart Move) delivers precise positioning and measurement with ease.

In terms of gauges, the 1 mm option with 1 nm resolution offers a cost-effective, higher accuracy solution for surface finish and form, while the 5 mm gauge with 5 nm resolution offers increased flexibility for more demanding applications; essentially for parts that require analysis of surface finish, form and contour.