TaeguTec launches MillRush mould and die cutters

TaeguTec has developed its MillRush series of toolholders and three cutting-edge positive inserts for highly productive 90º general milling applications in the aerospace and mould and die sectors. The range is suitable for shouldering, slotting, ramping and helical ramping.

The three helical cutting-edge MillRush design is thicker and stronger than conventional two edged inserts. Their robust geometry that provides high strength cutting is complemented by a wiper that delivers exceptional surface finishes, explains TaeguTec. Edge geometry enhances swarf evacuation while extremely high positive axial rake reduces cutting forces. There are three types of insert available, the 3PK(H)T10, 3PK(H)T15 and 3PK(H)T19. These are available in four types to cater for general purpose machining, stainless steel, aluminium and precision cutting. Each of the new insert types is available in TaeguTec grades, including TT7080, TT9080, TT8080, TT7800, TT6800, TT6080 and K10. This enables customers to machine from 1 to 15 mm depths of cut on a variety of materials that include low and high carbon steel, alloy and tool steels, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, grey and nodular cast iron, and aluminium. The new cutters to accommodate the inserts have an internal coolant supply with a high relief for ramp-down applications. They do not require modifications for insert mounting when using corner radius inserts. Additionally, they have an angled screw clamping system that improves stability. The end mill cutters are available from 16 to 50 mm diameter from 90 to 250 mm in length, offering the option of anything from one to six insert pockets. To complement the end mills, TaeguTec has also introduced a modular system that is available from 20 to 40 mm diameter with the option of 2 to 6 insert pockets for increased economy. For heavier and more robust machining applications there is a series of face mills ranging from 40 to 160 mm diameter with anything from 5 to 12 insert pockets. Dependent upon size of the face mill, the weight of the cutter bodies can vary from 0.3 to 4.33 kg.