Sylvac D300s Bluetooth Smart digital readout allows rapid wireless data exchange

Bowers Metrology is offering Sylvac's D300s Bluetooth Smart digital readout. The unit benefits from Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which allows rapid wireless data exchange across a radius of around 12 m.

The Sylvac D300s Bluetooth Smart is suitable for use in both inspection departments or on the shopfloor. It is able to display the absolute displacement position of Sylvac's extremely accurate transducer probes to a resolution of 0.1 um. The standard unit is capable of accepting readings with either two or four Sylvac probe inputs and six USB inputs from Sylvac measurement instruments. This can be increased by the use of multiplexers for the probes and additional USB hubs for the instruments. Previously memorised input configurations and values can be stored and recalled as both individual or group preset values. Each of the D300's channels has a separate maths function, while all channels have switchable numeric/analogue and statistical displays. Software will allow the Sylvac unit to manage readings of up to 64 instruments simultaneously, making it suitable for use with multi-gauging systems. Touchscreen multi-functions are accessed via an 8.5 inch LCD digital display.