Surface roughness measurement option for MarForm FormTester

The MarForm MMQ 200 FormTester, from Mahr UK, now has an optional package for the measurement of surface finish parameters to accepted ISO, ASME and JIS standards.

The roughness option package utilises the same skidded diamond-tipped PHT stylus as is used on Mahr's PS1 and M300 surface finish measuring machines, and the same MarWin-based surface finish software as Mahr's MarSurf XR 20 contour measurement system. The key to this combined measurement capability is Mahr's automated probe system, with the T7W motorised bi-directional probe allowing in-cycle automatic switching between the form and surface styli. The roughness stylus is mounted opposite the ruby-tipped form probe on the T7W probe head, with the MMQ 200 automatically swivelling the probe to apply the diamond stylus. It changes from horizontal to vertical measurement as needed, utilising standard surface finish parameter cut-off lengths. A skidless probe measuring option is also available. "The key to providing accurate surface finish data with a form machine is high resolution and low residual noise," says Mahr UK managing director Brett Green. "Unlike many form measurement machines that have been designed to measure longer wavelengths and allow 5-10 µm between data points, the control system of the MMQ 200 has been designed with roughness measurement in mind. It can sample data with spacing down to 0.5 µm, which is well within accepted international standards for roughness measurements." The MMQ 200 FormTester comes as standard with Mahr's latest EasyForm software.