Sodick wire-cut EDM technology for smaller firms and new entrants

Sodick’s VL600Q brings all the benefits of Sodick wire EDM technology within the reach of the smaller toolroom and companies that are ‘putting a toe in the water’ of EDM machining.

The machine features a work tank of 1,040 by 780 mm, axis travels of 600, 400 and 270 mm in X, Y and Z, respectively, while maximum workpiece weight is 700 kg (submerged).

An automatic wire threading (AWT) unit with ‘pop-up’ function to achieve even more reliable wire threading is highlighted.

This new model follows the VZ500L and incorporates Sodick’s linear motor drive technology and absolute linear scales on the X/Y/U and V axes, as well as a Sodick motion controller, a dual filtration system and advanced wire tension control, while the high speed dual core processor ensures “exceptional processing speed”.