Sodi-Tech launches entry-level VL600Q wire EDM

The VL600Q is said to bring all the benefits of Sodick wire EDM technology within the reach of smaller toolrooms and companies.

Available from Sodi-Tech EDM, the VL600Q incorporates Sodick’s linear motor drive technology and absolute linear scales on the X, Y, U and V axes, as well as a Sodick motion controller, a dual filtration system, wire tension control and a dual core processor. Furthermore, the machine has an AWT (automatic wire threading) unit with ‘pop-up’ function to achieve reliable wire threading.

The work tank features inner dimensions of 1,040 mm by 780 mm and can accommodate workpieces weighing up to 700 kg (submerged). X-, Y- and Z-axis travels are 600, 400 and 270 mm, respectively.

The Sodick VL600Q entry-level wire EDM is released as the follow-on machine to the VZ500L.