Single chamber aqueous and supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning solutions

Designed for fine cleaning applications and capable of cleaning to "Class 1" specifications, the EcoCMax single-chamber aqueous system from Dürr Ecoclean has been launched by sole UK agent, Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools.

It is a three-stage cleaning and degreasing process, including hot air drying, which takes place under vacuum in a stainless steel work chamber. Baskets of components weighing up to 150 kg are loaded manually or automatically from the front. The cleaning program can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of workpiece contamination, from removal of heavy soil through to fine cleaning. It means that if different parts need to be processed, or there is an alteration in the degree, or type, of soiling, or if a higher standard of cleanliness is required, EcoCMax can be adjusted easily to accommodate the changes. Adjustments are achieved through flexible application of spray washing, injection flood washing and ultrasonic cleaning, individually or in combination. Furthermore, treatment of the cleaning fluid is consistently high. Full-flow filtration during filling and emptying of the chambers, along with continual high-flow-rate bypass filtration for the flood tanks, ensure stable wash quality and thus reliable cleaning results. Another new introduction, intended for fine and ultra-fine cleaning, is the EcoCO2 from Dürr Ecoclean. It is the first-ever process that uses carbon dioxide in its supercritical state, to treat small parts of complex geometry. The technique is particularly suited to medical, nano and semiconductor applications, cleaning and drying component surfaces efficiently. Foreign matter removed from the component is separated from the CO2. No residue of the cleaning agent remains on the processed part, which emerges from the machine at room temperature.