Seeley International to exhibit new products at MACH

Seeley International is a world leader in design & manufacturer of evaporative cooling products and will showcase its range of products at MACH 2022 on stand 6-48. Evaporative cooling is becoming the most efficient option for cooling large areas, especially industrial and commercial spaces. Traditional air conditioning may not even be an option in warehouses or industrial plants, as the capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive.

Most industries with high heat loads, such as printing, ceramics, glass, rubber or electronics, have no cooling system installed, and this impacts on the workers’ morale and productivity, as well as on their health. In all these examples, Direct Evaporative Cooling could be the right solution.

Seeley coolers do not use any sort of chemical refrigerants to cool the air, just a pump to supply water to the wetted media where evaporation occurs. A small amount of electricity is required for the pump and the fan which pushes the air inside the building. Evaporative air cooling uses up to 87% less energy than conventional airconditioning.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is high on the agenda to maintain a healthy & comfortable environment. Our products supply 100% fresh filtered outside air; we do not recirculate so spaces are effectively being purged when our coolers are being used, removing dust, dirt, allergens and airborne viruses.

With zero environmental impact from chemical refrigerants and low carbon running, that all adds up to very responsible environmental solution. With warranty up to 25 years, customers can consider this an investment for the long term.

You might wonder, “what if the ambient air (outside the building) is cold and the temperature inside the building is hot?”. This is the case for many manufacturing companies, that have high heat emitting machinery. Evaporative coolers can also work in ‘fan only mode’ to provide “free cooling” as much as possible which reduces water consumption while maintaining a comfortable environment.
Perhaps you only have one or two small areas inside the space that need cooling. This is not a problem as ‘spot cooling’ can easily be achieved with our units.