Aberlink to exhibit new metrology innovations at MACH

2 mins read

With a history in design innovation, and having not been able to exhibit since 2018, it will come as no surprise that Aberlink will exhibit many new metrology products at MACH this year.

The Extol CMM is the 2nd generation shop-floor CNC CMM from Aberlink. Available in two sizes, and supporting touch-probe and contact scanning, the Extol CMM breaks new ground in metrology performance. Aberlink is the first CMM OEM to successfully error map the forty-two degrees of freedom found within a non-cartesian delta mechanism.

Considering the X-Y-Z measuring range offered by the two different sized Extol CMMs, their overall footprint is remarkably compact, and only needing a single-phase power supply, and no air supply, the Extol CMM can be installed exactly where it is needed on the shop floor. Aberlink invites visitors to MACH to bring their parts for a live demonstration on the stand (No. 19-507).

Aberlink will exhibit a new linear drive CNC CMM. Named the Horizon CMM, it breaks new ground in design and innovation and will enable Aberlink to further extend its horizon into the high-end CMM marketplace. It is the culmination of Aberlink’s 29 years of CMM design innovation and in-house manufacturing technology. It sets new standards in CNC CMM performance, reliability and ease-of-use. In-house manufactured frictionless linear drives are the key to its fast and exceptionally smooth motion.

The kinematic isolated drive structure is completely independent of the CMM structure and ensures that the motor thrust is directed through the centre of gravity of the moving parts. This avoids acceleration induced metrology errors and thermally isolates the linear motors from the metrology structure of the CMM. In-house manufactured 3D printed components are used throughout the design. A non-homogenous X-beam optimises the stiffness-to-weight ratio along the entire axis. The Horizon is a standout CNC CMM with fast, smooth, silent motion that is ideally suited to fast contact scanning.

Aberlink will also exhibit a new manual measuring machine.  Named the Fulcrum, utilising a novel three rotary axis design to enable fast and accurate 3D inspection of parts as they are manufactured. This desktop measuring machine will revolutionise shop-floor part inspection by enabling high accuracy easy to use manual inspection next to the machine tools where the parts are produced. The software interface has been streamlined to make it easy for people with no previous CMM experience to quickly and intuitively start measuring parts with the minimum of training.

When you buy an Aberlink CMM you own it! Aberlink actively oppose the current trend for subscription models, where customers are forced to subscribe to maintenance contracts, service contracts, calibration contracts, warranty contracts etc. While Aberlink is happy to offer all these there is no requirement, you will automatically be entitled to free software upgrades.

The latest version of software is available to download from our website. In the four years since their last MACH participation, Aberlink’s in-house CMM software development has been relentless.  Existing and prospective customers are invited to visit the Aberlink stand (19-507) for an overview of the new functionality within the latest release of their CMM inspection software (version 4.18).