Secure workpieces with Norelem’s self-aligning pads

​Standard component specialist Norelem provides a wide range of self-aligning pads, versatile solutions to clamp parts securely. Used as end stops, supports and spring plungers for fixture and toolmaking, norelem’s self-aligning pads are ideal for jig and tool construction.

Despite their small size, Norelem self-aligning pads can withstand forces of up 220 kN, making them ideal wherever workpieces need to be securely and reliably clamped. At the core of each self-aligning pad is a hardened ball with embedded flattened top.

Depending on the version of the pad, the embedded ball can be inclined in all directions between 7.5° and 20°, making it ideally matched to the shapes of both machined and unmachined workpieces.

For surfaces requiring higher protection, Norelem’s self-aligning pads are available with polyurethane and diamond surfaces. The polyurethane surface is abrasion-resistant, does not colour the object and permits high retention forces. For clamping smooth or slippery objects, the self-aligning pads are also available with an abrasive diamond surface, providing maximum grip with minimal clamping force.

Norelem’s range of self-aligning pads come in a wide spectrum of types, providing flexible solutions to engineer’s clamping fixture requirements. The range includes pads that lock the embedded ball in place to prevent twisting, as well as versions with an O-ring that keeps dirt and foreign bodies from entering the part.

Available as flat, serrated versions or equipped with a hard metal insert (gripper), they’re ideally suited for every challenge to give engineers confidence and reassurance. Engineers can also choose from a variety of inserts, including steel or stainless steel, carbide or POM (polyoxymethylene).

Marcus Schneck, CEO of Norelem, said, “Reliable and secure positioning components are key for engineers and toolmakers to clamp parts confidently and work efficiently. Our range of self-aligning pads bring peace of mind to engineers, with a wide choice of sizes and types to meet almost every requirement quickly and reliably.”

Engineers can find the components in norelem’s definitive catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK. Datasheets and CAD drawings are available online and can be downloaded directly.

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