Schunk launches improved Rota-S Plus lathe chuck

Version 2.0 of Schunk's manual Rota-S Plus lathe chuck incorporates an optimised wedge bar drive system and an improved lubrication system to ensure consistently high clamping forces. Since higher rotational speeds and cutting speeds are possible, suggests Schunk, users can apply more efficient cutting strategies that reduce manufacturing time.

The Rota-S Plus quick-change jaw system has been improved, too. A new optimised drive allows fast, comfortable and repeatedly accurate jaw changes. Customers' existing base jaws can be used in Version 2.0. To further enhance safety a three-fold jaw safety device to prevent operating errors has been incorporated. Moreover, Schunk has located an indicator pin at the chuck circumference to display the individual clamping status. Optionally, a manually actuated expansion arbor can now be quickly retrofitted. It is directly actuated via one of the Rota-S Plus 2.0 chuck jaws and it precisely clamps internal diameters as small as 20 mm. On request, the Rota-S Plus 2.0 can also be equipped with an enclosed protection sleeve, or a deep stop for perfectly adjusted individual clamping. Rota-S Plus 2.0 manual lathe chucks will be available from January 2012 in 165, 200, 250 and 315 mm sizes.