Sandvik Coromant expands solid end mill offer with CoroMill Plura ball nose

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Cutting tools specialist Sandvik Coromant has expanded its CoroMill Plura solid end mill family with new concept CoroMill Plura ball nose, optimized for semi-finishing to finishing profiling operations in ISO S applications.

“CoroMill Plura ball nose for ISO S is a new addition to our optimized assortment”, said Liam Haglington, product manager for solid carbide end milling tools at Sandvik Coromant. “This release introduces two new product geometries, optimized for titanium and HRSA workpiece materials, respectively. The products have been developed for profiling — specifically semi-finishing and finishing applications — in operations such as blisk and blade machining.

Since productivity, extended tool life and process security are critical requirements when dealing with market needs in ISO S materials, the CoroMill Plura ball nose geometries have been developed with those qualities in mind.

“Specific care has been put into the tool design”, Haglington continued. “The tools feature a newly developed face geometry to avoid unfavorable cutting conditions in the centre, uneven tooth pitch for best dynamic stability and vibration control, as well as new Zertivo 2.0 grades — developed specifically for the workpiece application areas — for improved wear resistance and tool life.

Versatility across various application areas

Featuring up to six flutes, CoroMill Plura ball nose allows for higher feed rates without compromising the surface quality, meaning reduced machining times and a lower cost per part. While primarily designed for aerospace engine blisk machining, the tools are versatile enough to excel in many other application areas.

“These tools are optimized for profiling applications in HRSA and titanium alloys, giving their best performance when machining blades and forged structural components”, explained Dr. Markus Groppe, global product and digital application manager for solid carbide end milling tools at Sandvik Coromant.

“However, they are also a solid choice for application areas outside of the aerospace segment, such as the medical and automotive sectors. Operations like hip joint and turbocharger machining are prime examples where CoroMill Plura ball nose truly excels. Additionally, with secondary application areas of hardened steel for the HRSA assortment and stainless steel for the titanium assortment, the six flute tools ensure the highest productivity and tool life for all types of die and mould applications.”

A wide selection of tools

The standard assortment includes dedicated grades for titanium and HRSA, diameters ranging from 3–20mm and 0.125–0.750 inch, four to six flutes, 1.5×D depth of cut, and usable lengths of 3×D and 5×D.

Should the standard assortment not align with specific customer needs, Sandvik Coromant offers a wide selection of customized solutions to address unique requirements.

“In addition to the standard assortment, we are also introducing an elaborate customised solutions offer with a wide range of functionalities that cater to diverse customer demands”, said Sathish D, global product manager for customised solid carbide end milling tools at Sandvik Coromant. “Should the user still find that something is missing, our advanced engineered offer has got it covered.”