Sandvik Coromant develops CoroMill Plura for CFRP applications

Sandvik Coromant has developed the CoroMill Plura range of brazed PCD end mills for performing edging, surface milling, slotting or cutting operations on CFRP components.

The Sandvik CoroMill Plura end mill design is based on a high performance PCD grade optimised for CFRP to provide long-lasting and predictable wear patterns. The grade has been developed by Sandvik Coromant to deliver maximum possible tool life, however, the end mills also offer the potential to be reconditioned. For best results, Sandvik Coromant advises that the end of the cutter remains?1 mm beneath the composite material, while conventional (up) milling is preferable as it delivers less process vibration. In terms of maximum material thickness, 2 mm less than the length of the PCD section of the tool tip is recommended. A typical 2D surface machining application will allow cutting speeds of approximately 200-400 m/min, in tandem with 0.03-0.06 mm/rev feedrates for roughing, and 0.02-0.04 mm/rev for finishing. The cutters, available in a diameter range of 6-16 mm, also offer internal coolant and 5° ramping capability.