Roemheld to launch new workholding products at MACH, including for automated production

At MACH 2022, Roemheld will show for the first time in the UK a new, modular, sensor-based system that digitalises zero-point clamping by enabling digital recording of its status. STARK.intelligence enables data on workpiece loading and unloading to be integrated directly into an automated manufacturing process. Information is also provided on the condition of the clamping equipment to facilitate its scheduled maintenance.

Each fixture is equipped with its own sensor box to measure position, temperature and pressure in real-time. A master unit receives data from several units and outputs the information to different devices via an IO-Link. The device can be the machine tool's control screen, computers in the quality assurance department or the service engineer's smartphone.

STARK.intelligence can be combined with various STARK zero-point clamping systems and may be retrofitted easily to machine tables and quick-release fixture plates. Due to the modular design, users are able to choose between individual components or a complete solution, which may include the integration of an RFID interface that automatically detects pallets and workpieces.

Compact bore clamps

Another introduction at the show will be a range of compact bore clamps with a large clamping range for five-sided machining. The devices hold internally, exerting force both radially outwards and downwards against a support surface. The new models enable safe location in bores from 5.2 mm to 13.7 mm, so are suitable for clamping small workpieces. Bore size can be adjusted easily through interchangeable bushings while the clamping element remains in its fixture. Worn bushings can be replaced within a few minutes.

The support height is also easily adjustable to suit workpieces having clamping surfaces at different levels. Air blast helps to keep the bushing clean and ensures reliable operation. It is possible to check if the workpiece is clamped or unclamped, whether it is correctly located and if the clamping bolt is intact, so the devices can also be used in automated applications.

New flat lever clamp

A third innovation at the exhibition will be a compact flat lever clamp designed for use on fixtures in machine tools with low pressure hydraulics between 70 and 120 bar. It complements the successful Roemheld series rated at up to 250 bar. The hydraulic, double-acting element is suitable for mounting in any position. There are built-in and block-type varieties as well as versions without a housing for installation in restricted spaces.

Due to the flat clamping levers, even surfaces only a few millimetres above the clamping level can be machined without any problems. Depending on the operating pressure and lever length, clamping forces of up to 33 kN are possible. As with the 250 bar versions in the series, the status and position of clamping can be pneumatically checked.

Machine vices

Roemheld will also show two models from its large range of machine vices. Most flexible is the Hilma VarioLine, which is used vertically or horizontally and may be quickly adapted to different workpiece sizes due to magnetically-secured, quick-change jaws that can be exchanged in a single action. They can be individually configured using various parameters to adapt them to different machines and applications.

The other vice will be the Hilma MC-P, intended for securing parts during 5-axis machining. It is able to grip on just 3 mm of stock, reducing raw material costs and offering excellent accessibility to the workpiece yet providing precise, stable workholding for completing first and second operations in a single clamping. The compact design enables collision-free tool paths and the use of short, standard tools.