Roemheld releases die-changing cart for medium-to-high loads

Pressing and punching dies, as well as moulds, can be transported in a safe, effortless and time-saving manner using the newly developed Roemheld die-changing cart. Four ergonomic variants with comprehensive safety equipment are available for loads of up to 1,600 kg. The RW die-changing carts for dies and moulds weighing up to 500 and 1,000 kg are moved manually, while two electrically driven RWA carts are used for loads up to 1,600 kg.

A docking station ensures quick and safe die changing for all four carts. While the cart is connected to the station, ball bearing inserts in the loading platform facilitate shifting and positioning. When the cart is undocked, these inserts are lowered and fix the die. Plug-in side bars provide for additional protection against displacement. A hydraulic lifting column ensures that the loading platform height can be adjusted individually to the operator’s requirements by means of a pedal.

An auxiliary drive integrated into the front axle is optionally available for the cart, with a capacity of 500 kg die weight. An appropriate casing protects the drive against impact and splash water; the maximum travel speed is 3 km/h.

The electrically driven RWA lifting carriage for heavy dies up to 1,600 kg is operated via a multi-functional shaft. Among other features, a rotary switch facilitates gradual speed control up to a maximum of 5 km/h, while a toggle switch reduces the speed to 2 km/h.

Roemheld’s RWA die cart is available with varying sizes of transport platforms and the associated four, six or eight integrated ball bars. Both the platform and the bars may be lifted and lowered via a slide switch. A quick-action coupling allows for lifting the hydraulic ball bars in the press bench, so that no additional hydraulic power unit is required.