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Popular edge trimmer TKA 1500 from Trumpf has numerous new features

The edge trimmer TruTool TKA 1500 reliably generates metallic blank edges that can be repeated accurately without any rework and is now even better than before.

Trumpf has developed several areas of the large electric hand tool. Equipped with a powerful 2600 W motor and an adapted gearbox, it is very quiet to run, offering users two positive benefits: they can work longer without getting tired and always generate a reliable and high-quality chamfer.

Another highlight of the new TKA 1500 is the unique guide fence, made of stainless steel, that is particularly beneficial when processing straight sheet metal and outer contours. The guide fence makes it easier to run into the sheet metal and control the processing direction. It also provides practical chip protection thus increasing occupational safety.

This practical standard accessory is assembled in seconds without any tools. It is also helpful that the shape, size and positioning of the handle can be adjusted ergonomically to one another further supporting the safe and precise control of the machine.

As some customers often require an angle of 37.5°, for example when processing tubes, in addition to the most important angular positions of 30°, 45° and 60°, Trumpf added this optional variant to its existing range of multi-edge cutter mounts.

The bevel length can still be adjusted without tools, although it is now easier as the new design of the machine provides an unrestricted view of the dial ring. Roundings with a radius of two, three, or four millimetres can still be generated in addition to chamfers.

The new edge trimmer can thus be used for a variety of applications. It is suitable for deburring, rounding, or chamfering end edges. The edge trimmer is designed for preparing the processing of powder and paint coatings, as well as welded seams.

Trumpf has also improved the durability of the consumable materials. This is down to design improvements, which have reduced vibrations and ensure that an optimum feed rate is achieved. This reduces the amount of wear thus increasing durability.

The 230 V version of the TKA 1500 is still at the top of its game when it comes to productivity. It can be used to mill bevel lengths of up to 11mm in one operation. To process a maximum bevel length of 15mm it only requires two operations, while other power tools of this type, that are available on the market, require at least three.