PC-based mobile surface measuring stations

Mahr continually develops Bluetooth technology in the world of metrology. Its latest development is the MarSurf XR 1. The MarSurf XR 1 unites mobile surface metrology with the benefits of a MarWin evaluation software.

Suitable for simple all-in-one computers, laptops, or industrial PCs, Bluetooth technology offers an extra degree of freedom. In addition to the cable connection between the feed unit and evaluation unit, the connection also works wirelessly. The measurement can be triggered easily, via the touch screen or the appropriate feeder. Flexible solutions, easy software connections and the most diverse possibilities - all are offered by the surface metrology from Mahr. The Marsurf XR 1 is inexpensive and convenient for surface metrology. According to the measurement task, the measuring station can be configured with skidded or skidless tracing. Mahr offers the instrument in combination with drive units Marsurf RD18 and Marsurf SD26, providing two measuring station variants for simple roughness measurements - with simultaneous software connection. To find out more about the MarSurf XR 1, click here.