OMAX upgrades Intelli-Max software suite

The latest version of the Intelli-Max software suite software suite from OMAX features a new cutting model that gives operators precise predictability as to cutting speeds, taper, jet lag and other abrasive jet factors of toolpaths.

The intuitive motion of Intelli-Max software automatically optimises toolpaths on OMAX and Maxiem JetMachining Centres, making it easy for users to create precision parts. The software also automates most programming and tool set-up work, eliminating the need for extensive operator training.

Intelli-Max is compatible with other software systems in that it allows users to import from more than 90 different file formats, including vector graphics, 3D files, raster graphics, CAD files and more. To further extend its versatility, most third-party CADCAM and nesting software systems can output directly to the OMAX controller software. This allows users to achieve the same results while continuing to use their current programs.