Vero Software previews Alphacam, Edgecam and VISI 2016 R2 releases at MACH (stand 5710)

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Vero will be partnering its parent company Hexagon at MACH 2016, showcasing new and enhanced features in the 2016 R2 releases of Alphacam, Edgecam and VISI CADCAM software.

As the show happens to coincide with the software’s second 2016 releases, it will be manufacturers’ first opportunity for a preview. Each software package’s twice-yearly updates include many new aspects enabling manufacturers to take their businesses to the next level.

For example, Alphacam currently focuses on automation, reducing users’ CADCAM time. The new automation manager can now process 2D and 3D CAD files, along with solid models from third party software, from file preparation right through to applying toolpaths, with NC code being generated automatically. In addition, the files create a full report structure, along with labels and bar coding.

EMEA sales manager Michael Pettit says: “In a standard CADCAM system each file would have to be processed individually by inserting the file, extracting the features, applying tool directions and toolpaths, saving the file and NC code, then generating the required reports. But Alphacam takes a group, or batch, of files and automates the complete processing of the parts. Overall, this will save the end user days and weeks, potentially even months of programming time in a year.”

Edgecam’s milling, turning and wire EDM users have already benefited from over 30 important new and enhanced items of CAD and CAM functionality, with developers working on more for displaying at MACH in Edgecam 2016 R2.

User efficiency continues to be a focus for VISI, with the current release featuring an updated graphical user interface (GUI) with quick access toolbars, live icon combinations on the mouse, improved hidden line removal and geometry selection by ‘free-shape’ brush. In addition, CAD translators support the latest third-party CAD formats including Inventor 2016, layer categories for NX and attribute hole mapping for Catia V5.

Vero Group marketing director Marc Freebrey says: “Developers will continue working on the software enhancements as close to MACH as they can, to ensure visitors see the very latest state-of-the-art updates.”