Okuma 11-axis lathe machines chuck, bar and shaft parts

The LT2000-EX, which can turn-mill chuck, bar and shaft parts in medium to large batches has been introduced by Japanese manufacturer Okuma. Available in the UK through NCMT, the LT2000-EX offers capacities of 200 mm diameter chucking, up to 65 mm bar work and 700 mm maximum shaft length.

The Okuma LT2000-EX has two opposing C-axis spindles and three turrets moving in X, Y and Z, making a total of 11 CNC axes. Complex components can be produced in one hit, says NCMT, speeding up process floor-to-floor time and assisting accuracy. All three turrets can be assigned to machine components at either spindle. Each turret has 16 live positions with up to 5.5 kW driven tool power in the range 50 to 6,000 rpm, maximum torque being 22.5 Nm. Alternatively, the lathe is available with 12-station turrets and 31.3 Nm torque for heavier duty work. Y-axis stroke is 95 mm. The C-axes are positioned to an accuracy of 0.001°. Both spindles are rated at 22 kW/6,000 rpm/350 Nm and can synchronously transfer a component at any spindle speed. This saves non-cutting time, a goal furthered by 30 m/min and 40 m/min rapids in X and Z respectively, and tool-to-tool turret indexing in 0.3 sec. Designed for round-the-clock production, NCMT expects customers to specify the LT2000-EX with a gantry loader or bar feeder. Okuma's own control system, OSP-P200L, offers an open platform for data communication and operation, Windows-compatible applications, VBA-API, and interfaces including USB and Ethernet.