DMG introduces mill-turn centre for components up to 3 m long

DMG has introduced a large turn-mill centre for machining components up to 3 m in length and 700 mm in diameter. Target applications are longer shaft parts used in power plants, turbines, marine engines and wind power.

Built by Gildemeister Drehmaschinen, the CTX gamma 3000 TC is equipped with a powerful ±120° B-axis for flexible turning operations and milling in up to five axes simultaneously. The machine has the option of a 12-station turret as a second toolholder that can have live VDI40 tools in all stations rated at 9.4 kW/4,000 rpm/30?Nm. The additional turret opens up the possibility of multi-axis machining at one spindle or parallel machining at both main and counter spindles. The main spindle drive has up to 59?kW of power, 2,500 rpm and 4,000?Nm torque while an optional 52 ?kW counter spindle offers 4,000 rpm and 2,200?Nm torque. The HSK-64A or HSK-100 turning/milling spindle is also powerful at up to 32 kW/145 Nm and is served by a 36-tool disc turret or a 120-position chain magazine. Productivity is further promoted by 40/40/30 m/min rapids in X,Y and Z. Two steady rests may be used to support longer workpieces. The structural design of the DMG CTX gamma 3000 TC is based on a robust travelling column mounted horizontally on the Z-axis. Linear guideways are widely spaced for stiffness and stability during machining. High precision is ensured by linear scales, thermo-symmetrical design and active cooling of machine elements including main, counter and B-axis spindles. Control is provided by the Siemens 840D Solutionline with Ergoline panel and 19-inch screen. It includes ShopTurn 3?G for workshop-oriented programming of turn-mill processes, as well as additional functions for efficient tool management.