NTK introduces high-feed face mills

High material removal rates when machining aluminium alloys is a common task that NTK says it has taken to a new level with the arrival of its Hyper Feed Cutter (HFC) line of face milling tools.

HFC face mills can undertake machining at cutting speeds of up to 5 m/min with a feed rate up to 0.2 mm per tooth. Furthermore, the tool can perform at these speeds and feeds with depths of cut up to 6.35 mm.

The NTK HFC series is the Japanese manufacturer’s lightest milling series to date: 0.23 kg for the 50 mm diameter tool and 1.1 kg for the largest 125 mm face mill. This is credit to a lightweight aluminium body and a design that reduces stress upon the machine spindle.

The tool’s weight characteristics permit the smallest 50 mm face mill to run at spindle speeds of up to 20,000 rpm, whereas the largest 125 mm tool can cut through materials at 15,000 rpm. To maintain insert security and high clamping forces, NTK has developed a wedge clamp system that locks the inserts into position, thus eliminating vibration, and enhancing surface finish and tool life when conducting high-feed machining.

NTK’s HFC is available with diameters of 50, 63, 80, 100 and 125 mm, with 7, 10, 12, 16 and 22 insert seats on the respective tool diameter bodies. The high density of insert pockets ensures the HFC can operate at feeds and speeds some 50% higher than competitor products, says the company.

The PD1 insert grade that is available with the HFC series is a PCD grade that can be reground up to four times. PD1 grade inserts are offered with three different geometries and corner radii for specific applications. Two PD1 geometries are wiper inserts with a 6° rake angle, a 7.5 mm cutting edge length and a corner radius for improved burr control and surface finishes. The third insert has a 10° rake angle and double chamfer geometry to reduce cutting forces.