New TaeguTec Inserts for Stainless Steel Turning

TaeguTec has now launched a new series of chip breaking inserts for the turning of stainless steel and exotic materials. The new EM Chipbreaker Series for medium machining applications has been developed to compliment the two existing designations, the EA and ET Chipbreaker Series for finishing and roughing applications respectively.

The aggressive research and development commitment of the Korean manufacturer now sees the new addition improve tool life and surface finish for end users. The benefits are due to a new sharp land design on the EM Chipbreaker Series that reduces built up edges and reduces machining load when conducting medium machining applications. Furthermore, the innovative heat dissipation design on the upper side of the chipbreaker minimizes heat generation on the cutting edge and further enhances tool life. With a broad boss face and heat dissipating design, the new range improves the surface contact ratio and heat dissipation to deliver effective cooling and insert stability. To further enhance heat dissipation, the new EM Series incorporates a sharp land design that reduces cutting forces and prevents built-up edges. This coincides with a wide chip groove that guarantees smooth chip evacuation for medium turning applications. The application range for the new EM Series enables the versatile new grade to machine at depths of cut from 1 to 5mm with a feed rate from 0.15 to 0.5mm/rev. This range compliments the ET Roughing Series that can machine up to 6mm depth of cut with a feed of 0.6mm/rev and the EA Finishing Series that operates from 0.5 to 2mm depth of cut with a feed rate from 0.1 to 0.4mm/rev. At TaeguTec's test facility the EM Series has continually proved to improve tool life from 20 to 40% when measured against a host of competitor insert grades. Available in TaeguTec's CVD coated TT9125, TT9225 and TT9235 grades and the PVD coated TT5080 and TT9080 grades, the exciting new insert series can machine a wide variety of materials at performance parameters far beyond the capabilities of competitor products.