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New Nakamura 'Faster than the fastest'

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At the EMO exhibition in Hannover, Nakamura-Tome CEO Shogo Nakamura provided the crowds with a presentation on the Nakamura-Tome WY-100V turning centre. Now available in the UK from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), the presentation discussed how Nakamura is making the fastest machine - even faster.

The new flagship machine is a twin spindle twin turret turning centre with both turrets offering Y-axis capability. With ‘V’ in the machine name denoting ‘Velocity’, Shogo Nakamura said: “The machine cuts a customer’s burden, it cuts the burden of manufacturing by giving faster cycle times that enable customers to make more workpieces in a shorter time. This machine will alleviate the problems of delivery time and it delivers the possibility of reducing costs.”

Looking at the hydraulic component that was machined at EMO in a single operation with complex milling, drilling and turning cycles, the CEO explains how the part is being machined with a 30% cycle time reduction - taking the cycle time from 536 to 375 seconds. It is achieved with the new unique ChronoCut software technology that eliminates non-productive time for the customer. The hydraulic component machined at EMO ran through some of the key areas where the Nakamura-Tome WY-100V is slashing cycle times.

One example was demonstrated on holes drilled around the periphery of the part with both turrets drilling simultaneously to reduce the drilling cycle time by 56%. This was followed by the rigid tapping of 8 holes on the face of the turned part. The ChronoCut technology tapped the holes at 4000rpm and then retracted the taps at 8000rpm, conducting very high-speed synchronisation of the Z-axis travel with the milling rotation. Previously, the maximum synchronising rotation speed during rigid tapping was around 3,000rpm, but with ‘V’, it's now possible to synchronise up to 8,000rpm.

The demonstration then highlighted the synchronisation of spindle rotation between main and sub-spindle and also the B2-axis travel that parted-off the part with the sub-spindle subsequently gripping and collecting the part for secondary operations whilst the component was being parted off.

As Shogo Nakamura adds: “Software normally provides usability and operator-friendly functions, but with ChronoCut, we have software that changes the movement of the machine to make it faster and faster - this is the revolution.”

Fundamentally, ChronoCut is a software system that encompasses a comprehensive suite of idle time reduction technologies developed by Nakamura-Tome. It includes a range of ingenious mechanical and engineering innovations, such as quick C-axis positioning, high-speed rigid tapping, faster spindle synchronisation, high-speed indexing, improved speed of part catcher and type-G motion, shorter milling stop times, high-speed part transfer and multiple M code execution. In fact, ChronoCut incorporates over 15 different technologies.

The compact machine also offers increased acceleration with chip-to-chip times of just 0.7 seconds. With the WY-100V turning centre, Nakamura has also redesigned the machine bed, spindle box, milling structure and indexing structure. This includes a new compact turret design.

Unlike larger turrets, the compact and powerful turret design enables customers to reach the edge of the chuck and workpiece - removing the restrictions of machining whilst offering 10,000rpm milling. This high-speed milling capability not only improves productivity, performance and surface finishes - it also removes the need for secondary hand finishing. This can be achieved by applying deburring cycles to remove burrs from components.

Looking at the precision level of the WY-100V machine, Shogo Nakamura emphasises how the company has incorporated new materials in several units of the machine to increase thermal stability. This is complemented by the new NT Thermo Navigator system, which was demonstrated at EMO with a part machined in the morning and inspected with one feature measuring 35.468mm.

It was inspected again eight hours later with a measurement of 35.471mm - a deviation of just 3µm over an eight-hour shift. If you want the fastest and most precise turning technology in the industry, contact ETG for further details.