New mobile die changing consoles with a load up to 50 t for sheet metal forming

Roemheld has introduced a new manually movable changing console for dies up to 50 t weight. The space-saving novelty extends the company’s comprehensive range of components for set-up time optimisation in sheet metal forming.

It is designed for all users who want to change forming dies of all weight classes in a time and force-saving way, for example, automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

The console, which is electrically driven via a push chain drive, has a particularly compact design and can easily be used on low press beds and in difficult-to-access environments. It can be mounted alternately on different presses and easily integrated into partially or fully automated processes.

The innovation combines a standard die changing console with an electric push chain drive. It is available in different versions and is suitable for almost every press type – both for new installations and retrofitting. Also, customised die set-up and changing systems can be realised with special solutions.

Change heavy dies easily and safely on several presses

With the new changing console, users can change heavy dies easily and safely on presses. The lowest support heights are possible, so it can even be used with deep press beds.

The changing console is optionally available as a mobile unit with guide rollers and can be easily moved and transported between different plants. Once at the machine, an integrated docking system ensures that the console unit is firmly attached to the press.

The die is then placed on the console by forklift or crane. The integrated push chain drive moves the die to its final position in the press via integrated roller and ball bars and positions it there with millimetre precision, even against fixed stops.

Semi or fully automatic operation

Optionally, the die can be inserted semi or fully automatically; speeds up to 2 m/min are possible. The degree of automation of the die change can be freely determined, individual sensors and stops can be integrated into the control. The changing console is operated either via the machine control of the press or via a separate control, which is optionally available.