Mould and die insert saves money

WNT's most recent development in the area of mould and die production is the creation of its –MR4 geometry.

Using the most up to date manufacturing methods available, WNT has created an insert that is ideal for roughing and semi-finishing operations in steel, cast steels and temperature resistant steel. Key to the success of this new geometry are the sintered cooling ducts that channel coolant or air/mist lubricants directly to the cutting edge. By sintering these ducts, the inherent strength of the insert is not affected and the cutting edge benefits from the full effect of the cooling and lubrication of the metalworking fluid. As a result, tool life is extended and surface finish is greatly improved. The former helps to reduce manufacturing costs and may allow unmanned running, while the latter has a positive effect on the amount of finishing that needs to be carried out on the mould tool being machined.