Micro-Epsilon adds CLS-K optical fibre micrometers to its optoControl range

The CLS-K optical fibre micrometer for use in harsh industrial environments has been added to Micro-Epsilon's optoControl optical micrometer range.

Micro-Epsilon's optoControl CLS-K sensors comprise a transmitter and receiver for either infrared or ultraviolet light with subsequent signal processing. Measurements are made directly on the target object using optical fibre. The correct light guide is selected depending on the measurement task. Here, the decisive factors are distance from the target object to the electronics, as well as the minimum installation space required. As CLS-K sensors are aimed at demanding, harsh industrial applications, the separate electronics unit can be mounted at a safe distance from the sensor. Amplifiers are provided with starting wavelengths of 280 nm, enabling measuring frequencies of 4 to 8 kHz at resolutions from 0.1 mm. Typical applications include edge detection, counting tasks, glass detection, monitoring and control of mounting procedure, gap detection and scanning tasks in potentially explosive (hazardous) atmospheres.