Mapal creates more space for teeth for higher feedrate FeedPlus reamers

Mapal cites the higher feedrates achieved by having a greater number of cutting teeth for a given tool diameter as the key benefit of its latest FeedPlus multicut reamers.

In a design that creates more space for blades, explains precision tooling company Mapal, it is possible to accommodate ten teeth on a 14 mm FeedPlus tool compared to six teeth on a conventional reamer of this size. Extended tool life and improved bore quality, particularly in terms of ovality, are other benefits of the design. The improvement in bore quality is a direct result of the increased number and geometry of radial lands, which are responsible for controlling the tool during the machining process. FeedPlus reamers also incorporate Mapal's fine adjustment system. This allows the diameter of the tool to be set with micron precision, again with a tool usage rate benefit making them a particularly economical choice for costly materials applications. The adjustment system also makes it possible to expand the reamer head prior to reconditioning so that the reground tool offers the same accuracy and performance as the original. Earlier versions of FeedPlus reamers were recommended for machining through holes; in their latest form they are also suitable for use in blind holes, says the manufacturer. They can optionally be supplied in the form of HFS replaceable heads, a system that makes them even easier to handle and even more cost effective, suggests Mapal.