Latest Shark taps from Dormer Pramet provides security

Dormer Pramet has expanded its range of Shark Line taps with a newly developed assortment for use on high-strength steels and titanium alloys.

Available in spiral point (E334) and spiral flute (E335) geometries for through and blind-hole threading respectively, the latest taps are said to provide high performance and process security in hardened and tempered materials below 45 HRc.

Immediately identifiable thanks to the black ring on their shank, the taps incorporate a robust geometry which increases cutting edge strength and supports problem-free, high-quality thread production. In addition, both taps feature a TiAlN-Top coating and are manufactured from powder metallurgy tool steel for toughness, long tool life and increased performance at higher operating temperatures.

Johan Bodin, product manager for threading at Dormer Pramet, says: “With our Black Shark range we offer customers the opportunity to machine high-strength, high-value workpiece materials, reliably.

“Imagine threading an expensive component in the final stages of a complex machining process and either the tool breaks or, even worse, the resulting thread is out of tolerance,” he says. “Our Black Shark taps provide the user with the process security needed to ensure this does not happen.”

The E334 spiral point tap provides through-hole threading up to 2.5xD, with a low rake angle for good chip control and edge strength. Featuring a balanced higher relief on the chamfer and lower relief on the guidance threads, the E335 spiral flute tap supports blind-hole threading up to 1.5xD.

Each tap within Dormer Pramet’s Shark Line assortment features a colour ring denoting material suitability, promoting quick and easy tool selection. Other material types covered in the range include: red ring for alloy steels; yellow for structural, carbon and low alloy steels; blue for stainless steel; green ring for aluminium; and white for cast iron.