Latest Gleason innovations at MTP 2019

At this year’s MPT show, Gleason will exhibit a wide array of newly developed design, manufacturing and inspection technologies for cylindrical and bevel gears. Highlights will include: a closed-loop hard finishing cell with integrated in-process laser measuring, gear noise detection and analysis systems; new chamfer hobbing technology; and the latest release of KISSsoft transmission design software.

Gleason will demonstrate the current KISSsoft Release 2019 with numerous newly introduced features. Among other things, KISSdesign, an instrument that allows intuitive concept design at system level, is now available. SKF and KISSsoft have also created an interface to simplify the gear development process. This interface enables engineers to perform calculations using the latest bearing data from SKF via a direct connection to the SKF cloud.

Manufacturability for power skiving can now also be evaluated in KISSsoft. After generating a special report with workpiece and tool data, this report can be transferred to Gleason if required, which makes data exchange between the designer and tool supplier much easier and less error-prone. The interface between GEMS and KISSsoft provides an exchange of gear and system information between the two software packages. This capability allows the user to realistically evaluate and optimise every type of bevel and hypoid gear, with a closed-loop between the design and manufacturing software.

At the show, the hard finishing of high-quality gears will be exemplified by the latest 260GX threaded wheel grinding machine with twist-controlled and polish grinding, software-guided single tool set-up, and closed-loop readiness. Also featured will be a multi-functional automation system that includes Gleason’s newly developed GRSL gear-roll testing system with laser technology for 100% in-process gear inspection. The completely integrated solution interfaces directly with the grinding machine for automatic correction of tooth size, profile and lead angle, as well as lead crowning. This world-first, closed-loop manufacturing concept will show visitors to MTP 2019 the wealth of options associated with integrated manufacturing.

The GRSL gear-rolling system with laser technology aids gear measuring and improves throughput where high-speed, high-volume testing is required. This compact gear inspection unit provides double-flank roll testing, and analytical index and involute measurement, as well as a newly created lead measurement feature on all teeth for full, analytical and functional in-process inspection. The GRSL can be employed either as stand-alone or fully integrated, automated solution. Real-time analytics and process trend analysis are clearly visible over the production run, allowing for automatic closed-loop corrections on Gleason process equipment. Users can also sort by defect, so gears for rework or scrap are tracked by characteristic.

Gleason’s latest 300GMSL gear metrology system combines standard tactile probing methods for cylindrical and bevel gears with the power of non-contact laser scanning of tooth flank form. The integration of laser scanning and associated 3D graphics with CAD interface expands both the functionality and range of applications for this machine platform, and is suited to comprehensive gear analysis and development, says the company. Achieving a more complete analysis of process variables becomes far more intuitive with the high-resolution topographical surface mapping capability. Furthermore, a newly devised host of tools for the detection and analysis of gear noise makes the 300GMSL suitable for addressing this critical factor in today’s eDrive transmissions. Gleason’s 300GMSL is ‘closed-loop ready’ to network with many of Gleason’s hard-finishing machines.

The latest addition to the Genesis gear-hobbing machine family combines state-of-the-art technology in gear hobbing with newly developed chamfer hobbing. At MTP 2019, Gleason will also demonstrate live the seamless integration of tool and machine workflows – reducing manual data input and minimising errors – tracking every aspect of tool information, from supplier to machine, to crib, to sharpening, to end of tool life.

Two newly developed work-holding products will also be showcased. Firstly, the latest generation of expanding and contracting hydraulic production arbors delivers a host of benefits into many bore and shank-clamping applications for cylindrical gears of all types, and many bevel gears. In addition, new modular standard work holding puts the performance benefits of Gleason’s latest quick-change work-holding solutions into a system of standard, interchangeable modules. This product is for cylindrical gear bores ranging from 18 to 100 mm in diameter, and can easily be applied to all types of Gleason and other brand machines.

A further feature at MTP will be a host of new service offerings from Gleason, including the SPN programme (Safety-Productivity-Networking), which is a simple and economic field-service alternative to a complete re-control of old Siemens 840D pl and many models of Gleason metrology inspection machines. With the SPN upgrade, machine owners regain system safety with updated virus and hacker protection, secure spare parts availability, and extended control functionalities.

Another newly devised service is ‘Gleason Fingerprint’, which diagnoses machine problems and potentially prevents downtime. Gleason will showcase its capabilities via applications in the cloud and edge computer to serve various customer requirements.

Also in the spotlight at MPT 2019 will be ‘Tool-to-Machine’ communication, which is designed to add intelligence to tool management, reduce manual data input and minimise input errors. The service provides data and methods to track every aspect of tool information.