ITC launch new Aluflash Series

Building upon its already industry-leading position as the premier manufacturer of cutting tools for the machining of aluminium, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now added the Widia Hanita Aluflash Series to its portfolio.

The new Aluflash series of end mills is the perfect all-rounder that is ideal for slotting, ramping, side milling, plunging, interpolating, dynamic and helical milling.

Capable of eradicating vibration and running at accelerated speeds and feeds, the Aluflash is a series of 2 and 3 flute solid carbide endmills that are available in diameters from 1 to 25mm. To accelerate performance and permit steeper ramping angles, the new Aluflash incorporates a host of innovative new technologies that combine to provide the ultimate in high-performance milling.

The Aluflash introduces a ‘W’ shaped flute that improves chip formation and evacuation to enhance process stability and reduce the cutting forces. Complementing this is a parabolic core that increases tool stability, reduces deflection and the potential for breakage whilst enhancing surface finishes.

The Aluflash also has double or triple rake gashing depending upon whether the customer selects the two or three flute variant. The rake gashing further improves chip evacuation to dramatically improve ramping capabilities and Z-axis machining.

The new Aluflash from ITC is available with a square-end or corner radius, stub, standard, long and extra-long lengths. The comprehensive new Aluflash line includes the 2A09 2-flute regular length square end mills with diameters from 1 to 20mm with a length of cut from 4 to 40mm and an overall length from 38 to 104mm that is also available with corner radii from 0.2 to 1mm depending upon the chosen diameter. The Aluflash 2-flute range also incorporates the 2FL ramping range that is available from 2 to 25mm diameter.

The 3-flute Aluflash options include the regular length 3A09 square end mills, the 3AN9 regular-neck square-end line from 4 to 20mm diameter, the 3AN9 with corner radii from 0.2 to 5mm and the long-length 3AP9 with square end and corner radius options.

The long-length 3AP9 is presented with an overall length from 63 to 150mm with a length of cut from 12 to 60mm for reaching into cavities and machining difficult to reach surfaces.

For ramping applications, ITC introduces the 3FL ramping tools that demonstrate unsurpassed productivity with the facility to effectively ramp at angles up to 45 degrees. If you want to take the productivity and performance of your aluminium machining to the next level, contact your local ITC representative for more information.