In-cycle part cleaning

Individual part non-halogenated hydrocarbon cleaning in cycle

The EcoCSpeed makes it possible to clean complex workpieces during the manufacturing cycle using non-halogenated hydrocarbon. The EcoCSpeed has several process modules that can be loaded in delayed phases via a specially designed handling system. The cleaning process can include injection flood washing, steam scouring, and vacuum drying, and the cycle time can be adjusted to suit the manufacturing cycle. Process quality and efficiency are ensured by cleaning complex parts individually rather than in batches. The basic version is equipped with five process modules that are designed for part/batch dimensions of up to 370 by 220 by 200 mm. The maximum weight of parts or batches is 30 kg. This allows the new inline cleaning system to reach a throughput of 2.7 tons per hour. With dimensions of 7,500 by 3,500 by 3100 mm, it provides space-saving cleaning technology, says manufacturer Dürr Ecoclean.