Hyundai-Kia SKT 200 TTSY Offers Increased Mill-Turn Capacity

With larger axes travels in X, Z, ZB and Y than some of its SKT stablemates, the Hyundai-Kia SKT 200 TTSY multi-tasking twin-/sub- spindle turning centre available in the UK exclusively from Ward CNC ( offers users a machining capability range to cover most eventualities in small/medium mill-turning demands.

Travels in X, Z, ZB and Y axes are 270 mm, 920 mm, 920 mm and 120 mm, respectively, with corresponding rapid traverse rates of 24 m/min in X, Z and ZB and 12 m/min in Y. In addition, the ability to accommodate tools of 25 mm by 50 mm that are driven at 4,000 rev/min and able to be changed in 0.2 sec, combines with the machine's 24 m/min rapid traverse rates in X, Z, ZB and Y axes to present an unrivalled package of specifications to tackle workpieces within the turning diameter and length envelopes of 230 mm and 700 mm, respectively – and at a cost-effective price. The 65 mm bar capacity Hyundai-Kia SKT 200 TTSY has a Y axis and a maximum turning diameter and length of 230 mm and 700 mm, respectively, plus spindle speeds (on both spindles) of 5,000 rev/min. The 12-tool station on each turret is of BMT-65P type. Both main and sub-spindles are rated at 25 kW/15 kW, and Fanuc 18iTB with Manual Guide-I programming is fitted as standard.