Horn reveals grooving system for prismatic parts

A newly developed range of speed-forming tools has been introduced by Horn for machining deep, narrow grooves in prismatic metal workpieces. Initially, the tools are offered in widths from 1.5 to 4 mm, and lengths from 12 to 35 mm.

Tool and mould makers generally use milling cutters with a large length-to-diameter ratio to produce ribs, for example. However, due to the risk of breakage, it is necessary to program a relatively low feed rate. Now, Horn says that such grooves can be machined to a depth of up to 20 mm more quickly and cost effectively using its speed-forming technique.

The carbide tools are based on Horn’s Supermini 105 system. As with broaching, the cutter has a fixed orientation in the spindle as it travels along a programmed path. Maximum infeed per stroke is 0.3 mm, with a rapid feed rate of up to 60 m/min. The cycle can even include curves and undulations in the groove, making it an efficient solution for creating cooling fins or reinforcing ribs in a casing.

When used on rigid machines, the tools achieve short processing times as the shape of the Supermini tool is able to withstand high loads. Tool holders are available with an HSK63 interface, or as a round shank with a diameter of 25 mm. All versions feature internal coolant supply.