GM CNC introduce new Victor mill/turn centre

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When it comes to one-hit machining, the new VMT Series of multi-tasking mill/turn centres from Victor has it all. Available in the UK from GM CNC, the new VMT Series demonstrates unparalleled levels of flexibility and capability for one-hit machining of the most demanding components whilst incorporating the stability, precision and rigidity that is the hallmark of the Victor brand.

The VMT Series of multi-tasking machines are configured with 15kW twin built-in turning spindles and a 22kW swivelling B-axis milling spindle that defines the power, flexibility and productivity of this exceptional new range of machines.

Available in four variants that include the VMT-X200, VMT-X260, VMT-X360 and the VMT-X400, the VMT Series from GM CNC is perfect for everything from the unmanned machining of small complex parts to heavy duty machining of large parts for the aerospace, automotive, offshore and heavy goods industries. With an unfathomable range of standard features and optional extras, the VMT Series has all of your turned part needs covered with this multi-tasking range.

As standard, the VMT range is equipped with a FANUC 0i-TF CNC with iMMI, AICC and MGI with a Siemens control as an option, hydraulic chuck with soft jaws, chip conveyor, a Renishaw automatic tool presetter, through spindle coolant and hybrid lubrication system. The optional list of features is equally generous with steady rest, bar feed interface, part catcher, auto doors, sub-spindle and much more.

All of this can be configured upon the industry’s most robust and stable machine platform that delivers unparalleled levels of confidence for heavy material removal machining with unsurpassed surface finishes, accuracy and repeatability. This is achieved through an optimally designed Meehanite cast base that provides a platform for elevated cutting parameters and improved tool life. The result is industry leading machining performance.

From a specification perspective, the VMT-X200 and VMT-X260 are 8 and 10-inch chuck machines with a 660mm swing over bed and a maximum turning length and turning diameter of 1376mm and 1075mm respectively. This spacious work envelope is embodied by two 15kW 4200rpm turning spindles on the VMT-X200 and a 22kW 3500rpm main spindle and 15kW sub-spindle on the 75mm bar capacity VMT-X260.

For larger components, GM CNC presents the 12-inch chuck 3000rpm VMT-X360 and the colossal 15 inch chuck VMT-X400, both provide 30kW spindle power and a bar capacity of 91mm (106mm optional). The largest machines in the range provide an 1120mm swing over bed and a maximum turning length and turning diameter of 2148mm and 2100mm.

All machines demonstrate exceptional flexibility through the 12,000rpm 15/18.5/22kW high-winding B-axis milling spindle that can rotate through -30/+210 degrees with an impressive indexing resolution of just 0.001degrees. This flexibility is enhanced with a 40 position ATC on the X200 and X260 machines and 60 positions on the larger X360 and X400 variants.

If you would like to investigate the potential of this exceptional range of machines, GM CNC has a VMT-X200 machine now available at its Oldham showroom in Lancashire.

The stock machine has a list of impressive features that include the FANUC 31i-B5 Plus CNC with a 15-inch display with simultaneous 5-axis machining capability, circular thread cutting, helical interpolation, arbitrary speed threading, automatic doors, part catcher, barfeed interface, 48 position ATC, high pressure through tool coolant and more. This machine will be available to view from March.

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