Engis customised bore finishing machines

​Superabrasives specialist, Engis Corporation, knows that not every bore finishing application fits neatly onto a standard machine platform. In those special cases, Engis engineers can design a system tailored to the specific application, a solution which will optimise part geometry at minimal cycle times and costs.

Over more than30 years, Engis says its custom bore finishing solutions have put customers ahead of the competition, providing specially designed machines for markets such as hydraulic, automotive, compressor and firearms, around the world.

Specific solutions have included: in-line transfer, concentricity establishment, automated pressing, polishing and bore finishing, multi-column systems for large parts, including bore finishing, gauging, brushing, face deburring and marking and machines with special multi-spindle arrangements capable of simultaneously finishing multiple bores in a single part.

Optional machine features and enhancements include: spring-loaded “Crash Sensors”, interlocked with machine controls to protect machine and tooling from potential accidents, shadow gauges to detect misloaded components – interlocked with the machine controller, full-perimeter guarding for added operator safety, “Walk Away” switch that enables increased production potential, as well as a wide variety of automation and gauging packages.

Engis custom automation systems are engineered to optimise productivity, with complete customised automation packages, including both in-bound and out-bound product flow. From pick-and-place units and robotics, to in-process gauging and sensor systems.

Whether it is a process that requires rotating fixtures, blind and semi-blind bore finishing, bore-to-datum concentricity applications – even OD finishing – Engis designs solutions can be tailored to each customers’ application.