Citizen Machinery offers compact Ocean Cincom LZ-series turning centres

Citizen Machinery UK recently launched the Ocean Cincom LZ series of high production turning centre for parts requiring up to 100 mm turning diameter by 80 mm turning length involving billet, forged blanks or pre-machined components.

The series' floorspace requirement, ranging from 2,100 by 1,553 to 2,130 by 1,593 mm, owes its compactness to the arrangement of the loading mechanism, turret and spindle which incorporate an infeed and out-feed conveyor. This configuration also allows chips to fall directly into the machine base where they are quickly ejected. The Ocean Cincom LZ-series incorporates a novel X-axis cross feed and Z-axis forward stroke of the spindle which operates simultaneously with the integrated double gripper load/unload units to create a fast operational sequence. The machine series covers two 8-inch chuck capacities with the option of ±35 mm of Y-axis cross feed to the turret. The LZ-01R2 and Y-axis variant 01RY2 have a 70 mm maximum turning diameter as well as a 50 mm collet capacity. The main spindle is 7.5 kW, 6,000 rpm and a 12 station (six driven) tool position turret uses a 2.5 kW, 4,000 rpm motor. The Y and Z-axis travels are 245 and 240 mm respectively. Both the R2 and Y2 versions will accommodate parts weighing up to 0.7 kg per gripper. The larger 100 mm turning diameter LZ-02R2 and LZ-02RY2 variants have a 54 mm collet capacity with a 10 station (five driven) tool position turret with a 2.5 kW, 4,000 rpm motor. The main spindle is 11 kW, delivering 5,000 rpm. The X-axis stroke is 300 mm and Z-axis 240 mm with a maximum component weight of 1.5 kg per gripper. By using the Y-axis in conjunction with C-axis spindle positioning, combined production cycles have the flexibility to include slotting, off-centre face and cross-drilling and tapping plus contouring on the periphery as well as the end face of a component.