Bystronic releases entry-level fibre laser

A flat-bed laser-cutting machine has been introduced by Bystronic that is aimed at sheet-metal processing companies wishing to exploit the productivity of fibre technology and its broad range of applications. The competitively priced BySmart Fiber can be supplied with a laser source of 2, 3, 4, or 6 kW, as well as optional automated material handling solutions.

The 6 kW source enables users to achieve the maximum increase in cutting speed, for example up to 70% more than a 4 kW fibre laser when cutting 3 mm stainless steel. This advantage is even greater in comparison with a 6 kW CO2 laser, as productivity is trebled.

Fibre lasers are able to process a range of materials, from steel and stainless steel to aluminium, copper and brass, with operating costs and maintenance requirements that are relatively low. For manufacturers with applications that lie in the thin to medium sheet thickness range, it means faster cutting, lower costs and higher profit per part. Additionally, Bystronic offers its Power Cut Fiber function to extend the range of applications to thicker sheet, delivering quality cuts in material up to 30 mm.

Bystronic has equipped the BySmart Fiber with the latest generation cutting head, which can be adapted to maximise quality when profiling different metals. Users choose between two focal points of the laser beam depending on sheet thickness and material type. In addition, the 6 kW version of the BySmart Fiber offers the ‘Cut Control’ function, which monitors the entire process. If a tear occurs, laser cutting is automatically stopped, reducing the risk of errors and rejected parts.

Operators control the BySmart via a 22” touchscreen. With the ByVision Cutting user interface, the process is controlled with a few swipes of the finger. The control accesses an extensive database that includes the parameters for all common types of sheet metal. Taking the material, sheet thickness and part geometry into account, the control generates the optimum cutting process. During operation, all processes on the machine are tracked and the most important data appears on-screen, including the current cutting plan, the position of the cutting head and machine status.

Bystronic’s loading and unloading solutions, and third-party automation equipment, can be integrated. Depending on the order situation, the system organises material flow fully- or semi-automatically, while also offering flexibility at the machine to process smaller orders manually.