Bumotec s181 turn-mill centre from Starrag targets medical parts

The s181 9-axis turn-mill centre from Starrag Group company Bumotec is targeted at medical and surgical instruments. Importantly, the machine features a second, live tool workstation enabling up to 40,000 rpm milling to complement the 11 kW, 6,000 rpm main spindle that is served by a 90-position automatic toolchanger. This additional station increases productivity by up to 40%, principally by enabling up to five driven tools to work on the rear side of one part while the main tool spindle works on another component. Integrated tool breakage monitoring also features.

With a footprint of 3.5 m2, the machine can handle bar of 32 mm diameter and, being modular in design, can be equipped with a range of options, including automatic part loading.

The s181’s development was focused on the production of medical, orthopaedic and dental components, as well as surgical instruments, but the machine is equally at home in sectors such as watchmaking and jewellery.