Aberlink’s Fulcrum CMM goes full 3D

The Aberlink Fulcrum CMM was launched in May at Control 2023. Originally available with a vertical stylus, it has proved very successful in being the next logical step-up in metrology capability to a 2D height gauge.

Early customers of the Fulcrum CMM have confirmed just how easy it is to use as a shop floor manual CMM, checking parts off machine tools after each machining operation.

They have reported a significant reduction in queuing time for CMM inspection and tremendous financial savings due to reduced scrap and rework.

Following the Fulcrum launch in May, Aberlink has been developing its 3D capability.  This wasn’t a straightforward task because metrology performance had to be maintained as well as ease of use.

To overcome both these issues, Aberlink has made their own bespoke star styli, star stylus calibration procedure and 3D software user interface.  Star styli available from other leading manufacturers were not stiff enough and affected the CMMs accuracy.

The bespoke styli made by Aberlink ensures excellent metrology performance and accessibility to side-face features measured in the X-Z or Y-Z projection planes.

Aberlink has now launched a full 3D upgrade package for the Fulcrum CMM.  Existing customers can purchase this upgrade package and new customers can order the 2.5D (vertical stylus) or 3D (star stylus) Fulcrum machine.

This 3D capability will significantly increase the versatility and appeal of the Fulcrum CMM for shop floor measurement. Aberlink has also enhanced the 3D scanning capability of the Fulcrum CMM, for reverse engineering and CAD Comparison applications.

The Fulcrum warranty period has been extended to three years, giving customers an additional two years of protection. This extension gives customers peace of mind and demonstrates Aberlink's confidence in the quality of its product.

The Fulcrum CMM is a disruptive technology, sold at a disruptive price. Demonstration systems have been delivered to Aberlink resellers and potential customers can request an onsite demonstration of the Fulcrum measuring their parts.