Trumpf Trulaser chosen for second subcontract laser cutting site

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Accurate Laser recently opened its second subcontract laser cutting site in the UK.

Based in a completely refurbished unit that is situated just south of Leeds and close to the motorway network, the new site will initially employ six people in the first year. Accurate Laser's Mike Briggs will head the operation and key to his commercial optimism is the competitive edge that the Trumpf TruLaser 3030 will provide. This is the company's first Trumpf machine and Mr Briggs is better able than most to make this judgement having worked for a Trumpf competitor for some years. "I have purchased six laser machines in the past ten years and all have served my business well," explained commercial director Jon Till. "However, I could not ignore the superior piercing technology and edge quality of the TruLaser 3030 by comparison with its competition." According to Accurate Laser, the piercing times on the TruLaser machine is up to four times faster during pulse piercing, this translates to three seconds instead of 12 seconds on some material. Mr Till continues, "Small hole quality is better with Trumpf too. We tested out a 6 mm mild steel part with 3 mm holes. This job would have been almost impossible with existing equipment but with the 5 kW RF Trumpf laser, the result was perfect. Naturally Accurate Laser has thought long and hard about its initial investment in a Trumpf machine. Mr Till concludes: "As a new business with one laser it was important that we chose our key equipment carefully to ensure maximum uptime and flexibility. Trumpf now has a good service reputation in the industry and this combined with the technological advances of the machine, especially quicker cycle times, gives us the confidence in the early success of the Leeds operation."