Subcontractor installs three-machine laser-cutting cell from Bystronic

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As part of a £30 million total investment in plant and machines, Ireland-based sheet-metal fabrication and CNC machining subcontractor Inishowen Engineering can now exploit the advantages of a three-machine laser-cutting cell from Bystronic.

A 12 by 2 m capacity, 6 kW, flat-bed fibre laser cutting centre has joined a pair of 4 by 2 m capacity models of similar power. All are BySprint Fiber models manufactured by Bystronic in Switzerland and supplied by Bystronic UK, Coventry.

Also on site from the same source are seven press brakes, as well as a machine for the CO2 laser cutting of tube up to 305 mm diameter by 12,500 mm long. Additionally, during the spring of 2019 Bystronic supplied and installed an automated sheet storage and handling system that continually loads and unloads material to and from the three flat‐bed lasers, reducing the manning requirements on these machines, while improving productivity.

Inishowen Engineering's owner and managing director Michael McKinney says: "Underlying this latest round of investment is our diversification from concentrating mainly on the agricultural, quarrying and mining sectors, to supplying firms manufacturing materials handling and transportation equipment, including forklifts and multi-purpose tractors.”

In comparing the latest fibre laser cutting technology with the CO2 machines that were replaced, McKinney says: "The BySprint Fibers not only cut significantly faster but cost less to service and run, as there are no optics or need for assist gas, and electricity consumption is much lower. Moreover, greater reliability means that we are confident in leaving the machines to run unattended overnight."