Safety standards change demystified by Pilz

1 min read

Pilz is organising a series of six seminars to demystify the migration from the EN 954-1 to EN ISO 13849-1 safety standard.

Managers, specifiers and design engineers with responsibility for machinery safety-related control systems are concerned about EN ISO 13849-1 superseding EN 954-1, Safety of machinery - Safety related parts of control systems - General principles for design, says Pilz. For example, there is confusion over the new Performance Levels and whether they are the same as the familiar Safety Categories of EN 954-1. And then there is the question of the calculations that need to be performed to validate the safety-related control system design. Pilz had representation on the committee that developed ISO 13849-1. The seminars will explain the current legal status of the two standards, the timescale for the changeover, the differences between the standards, and when each should be used in preference to the other. Delegates will be shown how to use the new standard and how to perform the necessary calculations to validate the design for the safety-related control system - which may be electrical or non-electrical. Six seminars are being organised around the UK, and the number of places is strictly limited. The dates and venues will be announced shortly, but anyone interested in attending is urged to express their interest as soon as possible, as the seminars are expected to be oversubscribed. Each delegate will receive documentation, a free copy of the Pilz PAScal safety calculator software, light refreshments and a buffet lunch.