Pilz range of machinery safety courses updated for new legislation

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Pilz Automation Technology, providers of machine safety training, has updated and added to its range of machinery safety courses to reflect the latest changes in legislation.

A 2010 training courses booklet details the training range. To request a copy of the Training Courses booklet as a PDF file, email training@pilz.co.uk or visit www.pilz.co.uk/training Pilz has introduced a course, 'The New Machinery Directive', which will provide an insight on how machine manufacturers and end users are affected by the changes of the new directive (2006/42/EC) and describes the compliance processes, essential health and safety requirements and new standards, including advice regarding EN 954-1 and EN ISO 13849-1. Other courses have been updated to address specific aspects of the new directive and standards. Two types of course are offered: those relating to regulations and standards, and others that are specific to Pilz machinery safety products. Courses relating to regulations and standards are: • City & Guilds 4-day Machinery Safety Course • City & Guilds 2-day Machinery Safety Course for Managers • City & Guilds 1-day Machinery Safety Course for Supervisors • The New Machinery Directive • Safety Design incorporating ISO 13849/IEC 62061 • CE Marking and Machinery Regulations • Electrical Machine Safety in Industrial Installations Machinery safety product-related training courses are: • PSS Programming • PSS/SafetyBUS p Programming • PSS Service and Troubleshooting • PSS/SafetyBUS p Service and Troubleshooting • PNOZmulti Basic Training Course All of the scheduled courses take place at the Pilz training facilities in Corby, Northamptonshire. Additional courses can be organised at companies' own premises or other convenient locations and if a more customised approach is desired, courses tailored to meet specific company needs are available on request.