Rainford to introduce new products at MACH 2024

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Rainford Precision will be emphasising exactly why the company is widely regarded as the experts in micro-machining at MACH 2024. On Stand 409 in Hall 19, Rainford Precision will give the Kern Micro HD 5-axis machining centre its UK exhibition premiere alongside its extensive range of cutting tool solutions and the impressive Finepart micro abrasive waterjet machining solution.

Kern is renowned for its unparalleled levels of precision and at MACH, the Micro HD machine that comfortably achieves precision and repeatability levels of +/-1micron during 5-axis machining will be showcasing its incredible speed, precision and productivity.

The Kern Micro HD will certainly be one of the very few in the elite echelon of brands demonstrating this level of precision at MACH. Alongside the Kern Micro HD at MACH will be a demonstration model of a Finepart waterjet cutting machine.

Like Kern, Finepart is a brand that stands head and shoulders above its rival waterjet manufacturers in the ‘micro’ precision field. With 3, 4 and 5-axis machines in the portfolio, Finepart machines can achieve a positional accuracy of +/-2.5microns with a repeatability of +/-2microns with a typical cutting tolerance of +/-10 microns. The Finepart range is perfect for cutting the smallest and most intricate of components from virtually any material, making it ideal for industries from the micro-manufacturing, semi-conductor and electronics industries to the dental, jewellery, aerospace and space industries.

The machines are available in a complete range of sizes and specifications with optional extras including everything from precision measuring probes and alarm notifications to CAD/CAM systems, high-pressure pumps, hybrid high-frequency machining spindles, abrasive feed and removal systems and much more.

Rainford Precision will also present its latest cutting tool solutions from world-renowned brands such as Union Tool, Louis Bélet, Delmeco, Gloor, HOBE, Osawa, DTS, Iwata, 6C Tools, Swissceramill and ATOM. The respective partners are industry leaders in the manufacture of drills, end mills, reamers, boring bars, threadmills, slitting saws and more. Within this diverse portfolio are tools for specialist applications and material types, such as the Hufschmied brand of milling tools.

The Graftor range of end mills from Hufschmied have been developed specifically for machining graphite and the range can double productivity rates and tool life when compared to rival tools.

With such a diverse platform of specialist cutting tools and micro tool solutions, Rainford has recently invested in a Keyence digital microscope to provide a complete tool investigation and consultancy service for customers in the UK and Ireland.

With a niche in the micro tooling sphere, Rainford has acquired the new Keyence VHX-970FN digital microscope to assist customers in diagnosing issues and maximising the performance of micro and precision cutting tools.

With dozens of tooling lines in its armoury below 1mm diameter, Rainford operates beyond the remit and scale of other cutting tool vendors. It is here that the new service will optimise and enhance tool service life and performance for clients.

Commenting on the new investment, Rainford Precision managing director, Miles Evans said: “When you are servicing customers with tools below 0.5mm in diameter, diagnosing and optimising tool life and performance is a challenge.

"The Keyence system will enable us to provide a unique service to our customers within the cutting tool marketplace. At MACH, we will be able to discuss the challenges of micromachining and offer manufacturers a solution that wasn’t available before.”