On-machine 5-axis measurement breakthrough by Blum

Blum's new generation Software FormControl 3.0 for on-machine workpiece-measurement offers full 5-axis measurement for the first time, claims the company.

"This new software is very important news for the growing numbers of users in the aerospace and die and mould sectors where there is a strong concentration of 5-axis machining centres," says Blum's Dipl.-Ing. Winfried Weiland. "Other manufacturing sectors where 5-axis machining predominate will also stand to benefit from this new software." Software FormControl 3.0 fast-machining control directly in the machining centre, eliminating the need for time-consuming resetting of the workpiece on a separate measuring machine. Re-work is done within the initial set-up, saving further time-consuming alignment of the workpiece and also increasing essential accuracy. See Product Launch section for detailed product information