MecWash revisits first aqueous degreasing installation to celebrate 20 years

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Aqueous component cleaning specialist, MecWash Systems Ltd, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is marking the event by revisiting its first ever installation project at the Pegler Yorkshire Group.

A leading manufacturer of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products, distributing to over 110 countries worldwide, Pegler chose to install its first MecWsh system in November 1994, replacing its existing inefficient dunk wash machine and rotational basket spray wash machine, as both were unable to wash high volumes of components at one time, thus creating a bottle neck in production. The MecWash MPS (Multi-Purpose System) 400 offered an aqueous component cleaning system that was capable of cleaning and drying four tote pan loads of parts in a cycle time of six minutes, with an effective drying function that ensures all components are degreased, swarf-free and ready for assembly. By the end of 2000, Pegler Yorkshire had installed three more MecWash systems to improve its manufacturing production. Pegler Yorkshire Production Engineer Steve Potts explains: "Pegler Yorkshire was so impressed with the efficient and effective design of the MecWash MSP 400 that we chose to install three more systems in order to support production. The installations took place over a period of six years, finishing in November 2000. Since then, Pegler Yorkshire has used all four component cleaning systems on a daily basis and remains impressed with the speed, reliability and cleaning capability of the MecWash design." MecWash has now manufactured and distributed over 500 aqueous component cleaning systems to a wide variety of market sectors worldwide. The reliability and speed of the company's systems remain key selling points 20 years on, as evidenced by the fact that many of its older systems remain in daily use, the firm highlights. MecWash managing director John Pattison says: "Revisiting MecWash's first installation project is an excellent way to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary. What's more, the fact that the system is still in use demonstrates the durability and reliability of the system, especially when one considers the high volume of usage from a leading manufacturer like Pegler Yorkshire. "Looking back over the past 20 years, it is incredible to think what MecWash has achieved – from the development of new bespoke systems for some of the world's leading manufacturers and the launch of our waste water recycling system Aqua-Save, to selling component cleaning machines worldwide, including most of Europe, China, America and India. We are looking forward to building on this success over the next 20 years and more."