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Cleaning & degreasing: Pivotal role

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Investment in high-tech cleaning machine drives efficiency and sustainability for APT Leicester and MecWash Systems’ expertise in component cleaning proving invaluable in the automotive sector

Component cleaning is a critical process in the manufacturing chain and investing and operating the best possible machines is of critical importance to manufacturers to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

APT Leicester has revolutionised the effectiveness of its washing and degreasing programme for its mill turned parts with the assistance of Gloucestershire-headquartered MecWash Systems, which created a bespoke aqueous cleaning system.

The upgrade from a perchloroethylene cleaning system to the MWX300 has streamlined the cleaning operation and enabled APT to simultaneously prioritise their environmental goals and increase their output, all whilst maintaining the highest standard of finish.

The initial research and analysis with APT allowed Paul Jarratt, sales manager at MecWash, to gauge the application and outline the machine specifications required. These discussions are essential to gain a full understanding of the geometries used and the contaminants involved.

APT Leicester manufactures precision turned parts and offers CNC machining services. The business supplies turned component parts to industries, including aerospace, where the stringent requirements regarding the quality of the components requires rigorous detail at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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