MACH Machine Tools sells machines at MACH 2022

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MACH Machine Tools not only sells 12 machines off its stand, and takes 265 enquiries, at MACH 2022, but also uses the event to promote the many significant productivity and performance benefits of the advanced DynaPath CNC Control system to scores of visitors.

Bristol-based MACH Machine Tools, part of the Vigilance Group, and a leading CNC and manual machine tool and machine shop and toolroom equipment supplier to UK and Irish manufacturers, has reported that its attendance at MACH 2022 was an unqualified success with the company selling 12 machines off its stand, and taking 265 significant and ‘serious’ enquiries over the five-day event.

Exhibiting from the largest stand space the company has ever booked at a MACH Show, the company put the 13m x 10m space to good use showcasing a total of eight machines as well as  a selection of high-quality ancillary technologies and machine shop equipment (i.e., MACH bandsaws), to visitors.

An innovative feature on the stand was the centrally-located ‘Genius Bar’ where visitors could test out and trial, using powerful CNC simulators, the advanced DynaPath WinDelta Control system and, if brave enough, take part in a ‘Beat the Expert’ Programming Challenge.

Dave Andrew, CEO, Vigilance Group, said: "What a remarkable Show. Incredibly positive and truly transformative from our perspective.

“We wanted to use MACH 2022 to showcase a number of our latest DynaPath controlled machine tools to visitors, whist simultaneously promoting the productivity, operational efficiency and ease-of-use benefits of the control system in an innovative and engaging way.

“The response from visitors and subsequent feedback we have received demonstrates we met all of our pre-show objectives.”

There is always a certain amount of scepticism amongst audiences when event exhibitors overexaggerate the number of sales, leads and enquiries taken at a particular show.

Such scepticism would be misplaced with MACH Machine Tools’ attendance at MACH 2022 because, a majority of the 12 machines sold on the stand comprised new models making their UK debuts at the event.

Director Matt Andrew said: "The star of the show was undoubtedly the new MDS 845-8T, although it did face some stiff competition, most notably from more DynaPath machines that includes the new MDS 900-4T (an innovative CNC/manual knee mill with an integrated 4-tool position), the MDM 1000 high-performance 3-axis (with 4th-axis head) toolroom mill, and the large-capacity MDL 1800 flatbed lathe.”

As is always the case with MACH Machine Tools, the company also sold a number of its iconic, next generation turret-type milling machines at MACH 2022.

The re-designed and re-engineered VS-1SP machines, now with Super Precision capabilities, feature hand scraped hardened and round dovetail slideways, Turcite B on the machines’ ways, slides and gibs, hardened and ground tabletops and T-slots and nickel-coated lead screws.

A primary objective behind MACH Machine Tools’ attendance at the show was to promote the power, functionality and strength of the new DynaPath WinDelta Control and demonstrate its many productivity, performance and efficiency attributes.

To this end, the company designed a ‘Beat the Expert’ programming competition where visitors were invited to create a fully executable program from a drawing of a specified part using the DynaPath control CNC simulators.

Dave Andrew said: “The challenge proved immensely popular and the winner, able to beat our expert’s time and posting the fastest time over the week, was Dan Walsh from Softgel Solutions in Llantrisant.

“Congratulations to Dan. The winning prize of a fantastic toolchest will be with him soon.”